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StarType: Thirst for Experience
StarType This is a time with a real need to reach out or beyond the known and the day-to-day and to experience something new - new people, places, and things. There is a deep thirst to compensate or balance the mental or worrying part of ourselves with action and doing, or at least with simple experiencing - more of it. There is also a sense that there is so much to be seen and experienced out there in the world. However, all of this is coming from a very mental or thought and idea-oriented perspective, and not from a very practical place. This mental-ness, however responsible it is, seeks to be tempered by real-world experience.
Solunar Angle: 227°09'
Solunar Angle You have reached what may well be another minor sticking point, and your sense of awareness of what all these recent experiences mean, which has been growing up to now, may slow to a trickle, or even come to a stop. Things are just shifting a bit, and the best way to deal with this time is not to panic, but to be more open and help things pass, to be more receptive. A more accepting attitude will soon restore the flow of awareness, and the sense of accomplishment, although you should know by now it is time to move on. The experience is over.
Closest Aspect: Jupiter Waning Sextile to Neptune
Closest Aspect Examining and analyzing how to bring more imagination and inspiration into your career path and plans for success is the order of the day, and you have the vision to bring out what works and dispense with what does not.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine