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StarType: The Alternate View
StarType Here we have a different kind of time, one with its own unique perspective, perhaps very different from the conventional wisdom, but having its own merits. The mind is very clear just now, able to grasp concepts and pull whole ideas out from a bunch of facts - to put it all together. However, and this is what is so different about the mind at the moment: everything you come up with, the conclusions you draw, are different from the ordinary - what you might expect or what people might expect. They are not in anyway wrong and they don't contradict conventional thoughts. In fact, they actually complement them, but, and here is the "but:" They do appear to be coming a little out of left field. In other words, what you see right now in your mind or the way you are seeing has a different perspective to it, much like the proverbial elephant is described and seen differently from where one is standing. Right now, you can see what everyone else sees, but from a unique or at least quite different perspective. And it should be a useful perspective, at that.
Solunar Angle: 042°20'
Solunar Angle Here is a time when you can feel pulled between cherishing the ideas that have inspired you, as opposed to the risk of staining those ideas by actually making plans that implement them, which could mean pushing some parts of the plan forward, and abandoning others for another time. Traditional advice at this point would be to have you take what you can and move forward, and don’t try to do everything at once. This is not a point to take obstacles as a sign to give up or retreat. This is a time for forward motion, and some kind of resistance is normal. Here is a chance to move beyond old habits, through whatever may be obstructing your way, and actually get moving on things that you have decided need to be done. No one ever said it would be easy, and this is one of those times. Don’t doubt your direction, and waste time. Move forward step by step and you soon will be through it. It should not take more than a day or two.
Closest Aspect: Sun Waxing Opposite to Neptune
Closest Aspect A time for inspiration and acceptance, where what needs to happen is to experience and embrace this sense of care and compassion, and further explore your own imagination. This is an experience, plain and simple, and should be enjoyed, there being no further point to it.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine