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StarType: The Seed
StarType This could be a very special time for using your intuition, taking in a vision (new information) that you can't so much see or "think," but that you can feel deep within yourself, like the resonance of a bell being rung at your very core - a seminal moment. Your common sense and ability to play on hunches and feelings is heightened and you may have the ability to just "know" things at this point, making decisions by the seat of your pants, rather than through logical thinking. You can feel your way along, just sensing what is right or wrong, what is going to turn out well, and what is not. You can't depend on what your mind sees, just now, but rather on what your heart knows and feels. This is a time where key imprints can occur.
Solunar Angle: 295°55'
Solunar Angle Here is another energy rush, with room to maneuver, and you should be able to not only clearly see the problems at hand, but have the insight and objectivity to actually do something about them, separating the good parts and culling out whatever you see is excessive and holding you back. You are definitely standing back and taking this all in. You are at your critical best, and very objective. Nothing personal.
Closest Aspect: Moon Waning Sextile to Saturn
Closest Aspect Going over and over a heavy experience, one where you may have felt overly controlled or unduly inhibited by rules/laws - whatever the case may have been. The experience should be set in relief now, giving you the vision to see it clearly, detach from it, and be critical of it in a positive way, seeing the good parts and laughing off the parts you won't repeat. The energy should be there to help you, just now.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine