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StarType: The Informed Force
StarType Could be a very special time, one in which you feel a deep resonance with your inner self, almost a vibration ringing within you that you can tangibly feel, like an idea that resounds within you, making a deep imprint on your life. Definitely a time for seed ideas, feeling the nature of a new thought, rather than just thinking about it. Yet the mind and thinking are active now too, at least as to day-to-day details, guiding and commenting on what you are feeling - the mind working hand-in-hand with the feeling. There is the sense that you have some control of this creative process and can make use of it, without outside help. There could be a growing sense of real independence, where you are on your contacts (feeling things intuitively), but also able to guide those feelings with your intellect.
Solunar Angle: 131°02'
Solunar Angle Your forward momentum and recent drive is perhaps challenged now or slowed down by circumstances beyond your control, causing a pause or shift in direction on your part. Although perhaps not anticipated, this could have been expected, and is just a sign that pushing forward farther is not so important now, as working with whatever you already have going. Ease it back. It is important that you do not give in to obstacles at this point, but to gently push beyond them. Look to completing what is already on your plate.
Closest Aspect: Sun Waning Trine to Jupiter
Closest Aspect Know when to hold them
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine