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StarType: Mental Work
StarType This is not a major pattern, but a minor one, and it refers to mental work, being able to successfully use the mind in meaningful ways, in particular when it comes to matters of fine detail and organization. Putting the mind to work in an organized fashion is indicated here.
Solunar Angle: 182°03'
Solunar Angle Stop the engines and coast for awhile, because this is it, what you have worked to achieve! If it is not to your liking, better luck next time, but don't push on farther at this point, because you have probably accomplished what is possible for this round. Experience what you can and enjoy what is now! From here on for a while, you can ease off and just let it all sink in. This is the fullness you have worked for, such as it can be. Just let go and enjoy the ride. This is the Full Moon.
Closest Aspect: Sun Waxing Square to Mars
Closest Aspect This is a turning or change point, where action really counts, and you can make your mark, to produce a visible difference in the world around. Making a forceful statement at this point actually furthers things and sets things in motion. Hit the nail on the head.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine