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StarType: Psychologist
StarType This is a more mental and psychological time, one when your more day-to-day practical or common sense activities are put to the side, and flights of fancy and blue-sky thinking could just take over. The mind may feel more organized or clearer just now, one thing linking or connecting up to another, as you think, and, generally, you are getting a better picture of what is going on around you and inside you. In particular, your thoughts may take a more spiritual or at least a strong psychological bent, and you may find yourself doing a little wool gathering, as well. Dreams or dreamy, and probably very psyche or psychological in nature, you wander through the mansions of the mind. However, on the flip side, this could also end up locking you into various mental conundrums or syndromes, getting stuck in one mental rut or another, so keep that in mind and look to catch yourself and snap out of it, if it becomes too unrealistic or impractical.
Solunar Angle: 220°50'
Solunar Angle You have reached what may well be another minor sticking point, and your sense of awareness of what all these recent experiences mean, which has been growing up to now, may slow to a trickle, or even come to a stop. Things are just shifting a bit, and the best way to deal with this time is not to panic, but to be more open and help things pass, to be more receptive. A more accepting attitude will soon restore the flow of awareness, and the sense of accomplishment, although you should know by now it is time to move on. The experience is over.
Closest Aspect: Sun Waxing Conjunct to Uranus
Closest Aspect Ideas spark the mind, insights surfacing from deep within the mind catch your attention and are retained and call to be made manifest in your life. They could have to do with matters of being a freedom lover, rebel, revolutionary, or an original thinker, inventor, reformer - everything technical or computer oriented.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine