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StarType: Thirst for Experience
StarType This is a time with a real need to reach out or beyond the known and the day-to-day and to experience something new - new people, places, and things. There is a deep thirst to compensate or balance the mental or worrying part of ourselves with action and doing, or at least with simple experiencing - more of it. There is also a sense that there is so much to be seen and experienced out there in the world. However, all of this is coming from a very mental or thought and idea-oriented perspective, and not from a very practical place. This mental-ness, however responsible it is, seeks to be tempered by real-world experience.
Solunar Angle: 139°46'
Solunar Angle Your forward momentum and recent drive is perhaps challenged now or slowed down by circumstances beyond your control, causing a pause or shift in direction on your part. Although perhaps not anticipated, this could have been expected, and is just a sign that pushing forward farther is not so important now, as working with whatever you already have going. Ease it back. It is important that you do not give in to obstacles at this point, but to gently push beyond them. Look to completing what is already on your plate.
Closest Aspect: Moon Waxing Trine to Mercury
Closest Aspect Matters from the past, perhaps family, your history or environment, and/or attempts to educate or school the mind are furthered here. Could also be words, writing, speaking, etc. This is the perfect time to embody your thoughts in these areas into something real and substantial. Not a time to hang back, but one to make a real effort.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine