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StarType: Mind to Matter
StarType The configurations in the heavens are rare indeed, and point to a very potent time and the experience of it. The mind, inside and outside, is clear now. Not only that, the mind can grasp distinctions - pieces of life's puzzle - in a way that results in grasping the forest AND the trees. Overall concepts are able to be understood now. Perhaps even more important: a deep sense of inner resonance is available, the ability to intuit or to vibrate with ideas whose sense we can feel in our deepest nature. So, we can see clearly with the mind and we can sense or feel the same truth intuitively. The two are in harmony and tell us the same story. They agree and are coordinated, and this is a perfect to translate what we see into action, to make our dreams and plans real in this world around us.
Solunar Angle: 225°32'
Solunar Angle You have reached what may well be another minor sticking point, and your sense of awareness of what all these recent experiences mean, which has been growing up to now, may slow to a trickle, or even come to a stop. Things are just shifting a bit, and the best way to deal with this time is not to panic, but to be more open and help things pass, to be more receptive. A more accepting attitude will soon restore the flow of awareness, and the sense of accomplishment, although you should know by now it is time to move on. The experience is over.
Closest Aspect: Mercury Waxing Square to Jupiter
Closest Aspect A bit of a turning point, where questions of career, education concerns, and skillful use of the mind get a boost and actually may show some physical sign of progress, a positive step, whether large or small, but one no one can deny. This is an entrance.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine