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What does astrology have to say about the place you were born? What if you moved to another city, how would that affect you? Where is the best place for you to live? These are just a few of
the questions that most of us have
about relocation.

Where to live is something most of us care about. The Local Space Relocation report is written by relocation expert, Michael Erlewine, an astrologer with almost 50 years of experience, and the founder of the Local Space Relocation technique.

The Local Space Relocation report provides a complete 20-page report, and includes detailed maps that enable you to see which cities are under the direct influence of your natal chart planets. Looking through the sample report will give you the best idea of what this is all about, so check that out.

Traditional forecasting has to do with waiting for certain events to happen. What if we could recognize certain events as occurring in space, rather than just happening in time, and even help to bring them about? Local Space does just that. You can bring about change by moving to a different location, or even by just visiting a different location – a location that is in tune with a particular planet and its qualities.

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