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Ten-Year Chinese Luck Cycles

Heaven's Luck: The Luck of Our
Particular Destiny.

The Ten-Year Luck Cycles (part of the ‘Pillars of Destiny’ astrology) is a practice many centuries old, used, to this day, throughout China. These 10-year periods of time follow, one upon another, throughout a lifetime. They describe, literally, the mental and physical landscape we all will pass through, what is called, by the Chinese, "Heaven's Luck"—our destiny.

The Ten-Year Luck Cycles are one of the primary ways Chinese Astrologers anticipate what will happen to us during our lifetime. Each section lasts ten years, and during these years, certain 'luck' or luck factors are in force, influencing us. By knowing in advance what these factors are, it is possible to shape these forces to our advantage, lessening the impact of the difficult parts and enhancing the effect of the better parts.

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